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Health & Safety Measures

Here at Jonathan Min, DDS, we follow the highest standard of hygiene and sterilization in our dental office to ensure the safety of both our patients and staff. Our patients’ health has always been and will continue to be our highest priority.

COVID-19 Screening Protocol

We are screening each patient for risk of exposure prior to their appointment and rescreening once they arrive to the office. If any patient’s show signs of illness we are postponing their treatment.

Technology for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Dental offices, hospitals, medical labs and surgery centers throughout North America are using air purifiers to improve the quality of their indoor air for their patients and their staff. Dr. Jonathan Min has invested in a premium air purification system that utilizes ActivePure® technology, the only air cleaning technology awarded the prestigious space technology seal of approval. These world-class medical-grade air purifiers remove chemicals, toxins, germs, odors, and most importantly they kill airborne viruses, to help reduce the spread of illness.

What's in the Air We Breathe?

Allergens, Mold, Bacteria, Fungus, Viruses, Skin cells, Dust & Dirt, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and more.

Dust, dirt and skin cells are the less harmful impurities in our air. However, Volatile Organic Compunds (VOCs), viruses, and mold can cause serious breathing issues and health complications. VOCs are manmade chemical compounds that can be found in perfumes and air fresheners.

Reducing Aerosols & Splatter in Dentistry

In addition to the air purifiers, Dr. Min is further protecting both his patients and dental team by employing the Extraoral Dental Suction System. This allows Dr. Min and his team to safely remove aerosol particles and droplets that are created during treatment. The dental suction uses a medical-grade filter that effectively filters viruses, germs, blood, dust and fluids.

dental suction infection control before
dental suction infection control before

Healthier Air, Healthier Patients, Healthier Staff

Investing in the Air Scrubber air purifiers & the Extraoral Dental Suction gives Dr. Min the confidence that his patients, and staff are being well protected from hazardous air. The Air Scrubber successfully filters bio-aerosols, gasses, molds, fungus, bacteria, viruses and general pollutants. Treating patients with less risk of cross-contamination, exposure to allergens, or growth of dangerous microbes.

If you have any questions at all, please reach out to our office at (732) 566-4200.

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